3084 West 4th and 2010 Balaclava (Public Hearing decision day March 2): WeLoveKits reveals community-supported alternatives

(Update on 26-Feb – The Public Hearing for the rezoning application at 4th & Balaclava St. will reconvene on Thursday, March 4th at 3 pm. There are no more speakers or comments, the hearing has moved into its final phase which is debate and decision. It was scheduled to continue March 2, but postponed due to technical problems. So, on March 4th Council will decide if this project is approved, rejected, or some other action is taken)

The local community worked with the developer over nearly 18 months on a better design that would have community acceptance, be more financially viable and have virtually no negative impacts such as overlooking, shadowing, and lack of consideration of neighbours. We have received a copy of the WeLoveKits group’s letter and presentation to City Council, and provide it below, with permission. We hope a majority on Council will listen with an open mind and see this as on opportunity to show that it respects neighbourhood-based solutions and voices.

Letter: https://cityhallwatch.files.wordpress.com/2021/02/welovekits-letter-3084-w4th-hearing-10-feb-2021.pdf 

Presentation: https://cityhallwatch.files.wordpress.com/2021/02/welovekits-presentation-3084-w4th-hearing-10-feb-2021.pdf


Click to access welovekits-letter-3084-w4th-hearing-10-feb-2021.pdf


Click to access welovekits-presentation-3084-w4th-hearing-10-feb-2021.pdf

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