Restoration and infill project at 1556 East 8th Avenue has been suspended for years

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The restoration of a house built in 1913 at 1556 East 8th Avenue has been put on hold for the last few years. This property is located adjacent to W.C. Shelley Park. The City of Vancouver issued a development permit to Vanwell Homes Ltd, DE418370, for a Multiple Conversion Dwelling of the existing home on the site along with a new 2-storey infill. Here’s a summary of the status of the project:

  • work on the house was stopped sometime in 2016, summer or fall
  • a brand new foundation had been put in place under the old house and work began on an extension in the back
  • City Hall allowed the developer to stop the work legally, with the reason behind this work stoppage being a ‘land assembly’
  • there were multiple complaints from residents with concerns about the status of this building to the City, and of possible fire safety to the fire department, but nothing was done
  • the building to the immediate east of this property at 1560 East 8th Avenue is boarded up, this grey stucco house was built in 2007 (see plywood covering windows and doors in the slideshow)

It appears that the City has allowed the developer to let a project stall for over four years, leave the immediate neighbourhood looking blighted, and possibly ruin a building that dates back to 1913. An objective observer may get the impression that City Hall is aiding and abetting land assembly.

Compare May 2014 to March 2017, Google Street View (1556 East 8th Avenue)

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