Little Mountain Housing Site

“Great Stories Take Time To Write” is the message repeated along the fencing around the Little Mountain Housing Site.

Given the circumstances around the sale, the displacement of the former residents and the lack of transparency, could there be an even less appropriate tagline?

Little Mountain 15.3 acre housing site Public Hearing (July 19th): The back story of a tragedy (CityHallWatch, July 19, 2016)
Little Mountain petition & rally Nov 30 (Sat) to mark 10 years since social housing demolition and call for Province to take back the site (CityHallWatch, Nov 27, 2019)
Details of Little Mountain Housing sale must be released, rules OIPC adjudicator (CityHallWatch, Oct 1, 2020)

The following image has been digitally altered to remove the tagline:

Tagline removed in Photoshop (image was altered digitally)

One thought on “Little Mountain Housing Site

  1. If my memory is correct Rich Colman was the liberal minister responsible for not only housing including deals to purchase SROs for societies disadvantaged, drug addicted and mentally challenged but also for raising money by selling assets and that includes LNG permits. What a ginormous work load. Was Christy Clark in error of loading too much onto one person and expecting a favourable outcome from the Little Mountain contract?

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