Rezoning applications snapshot, 1-Feb-2021

Example of a rezoning info sign.

For an explanation of the CityHallWatch monthly snapshots please visit this page:

As a free public service CityHallWatch takes a monthly snapshot of the Rezoning Applications listed on the City of Vancouver website on the first day of every month.

The list contains valuable information on each application, and indicates scheduled “open houses” and Public Hearings. Please spread the word to anyone who might be affected or interested. Our archive goes back years and is not available anywhere else.

Update regarding map of rezoning applications. The City provides its own self-updating map on the web page, but we have created our own static snapshot version using Google Maps, which seems to work. Click HERE to see the current map.

Download the full list of rezoning applications as of the first of this month, which we created in PDF format:
CoV rezoning applications snapshot 1-Feb-2021

For the most up-to-date and official list of applications on the City website, please click: Please take special note of the Public Hearings and virtual open houses scheduled.

Below is the City’s list as of 1-Feb-2021.

Link to Council Meetings

The following is a list of active rezoning applications, with their current status.

    • Proposed: A rezoning application has been submitted to the City for consideration.
    • Referred: A rezoning application has been referred by Council to a Public Hearing
    • Approved: A rezoning application has been approved in principle by Council at a Public Hearing.
    • Enacted: A rezoning application has received final approval by Council and the related zoning by-laws have come into force.

Additional Information:

    • Archived rezonings (applications are moved to the archive page 2 to 3 months after enactment)
    • Glossary of key planning terms
    • Information about rezoning application process and procedures
    • Map of zoning and property information available through VanMap
    • Legal descriptions of properties are available in the Referral Report, which will appear on the project page after it has been referred to Public Hearing (see recommendation A on page 1 of the Report).
    • Draft by-laws are available in the Referral Report, which will appear on the project page after it has been referred to Public Hearing (usually Appendix A of the Report). Copies of the draft by-laws will be available for viewing at all times on the meeting agenda starting 10 days before the hearing. A link will also be provided on the project page before the Public Hearing.

For questions, please contact us at or call 604-873-7038

City-Initiated Rezoning Applications

Site-Specific Rezoning Applications

(Listed alphabetically below)

Cambie Corridor Townhouse Applications

Heritage Application Legal Information

Sign By-law Amendment Applications

  • No active applications

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