Survey on proposed Citywide permit parking

The City of Vancouver is putting forward a proposal to require permit parking in all residential neighbourhoods. There’s a survey open on the City’s website until February 28th. Do you think this is the right move to make as part of the City’s Climate Emergency Action Plan? Or is it a cash grab that punishes people who are not eligible for parking off streets and require a vehicle? Or is there a more nuanced approach that the City could take? Or are the proposed changes not going far enough? In any event, this item is one that will garner a lot of attention in the upcoming months.

The post on the City’s website ends with the words “before going to Council for approval in July” and it notes that the cheapest residential parking that the City sells is currently $45.45 per year.

2 thoughts on “Survey on proposed Citywide permit parking

  1. Vancouver, aiming to be the first city in the world where …
    Hard drugs are decriminalized and can be openly consumed “on the street”…

    But parking a car on the street w/o permit is illegal and the consumption (ie: driving) of is highly regulated.

    WTF CoV? That’s certainly one way to ditch the “No Fun City” moniker.

  2. no parking fees it is strickly a tax grab and a hardship for seniors on fixed incomes like myself. When are you bunch of bicycle brain Bozos going to get your hands out of my pockets.

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