Laneway house: A look at 2708 East 25th Avenue

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A laneway house at 2708 East 25th Avenue was completed three years ago. This site has a number of characteristics that makes it highly suitable for a laneway house. It is on a corner lot and there’s a slope down the road toward Slocan Street, which helps minimize impacts. The two-storey structure has an interior of around 750 sq. ft. and it was completed at an approximate cost of $200k. The corner lot allows direct access to the street.

It’s worth noting that some of the rules for laneway houses are onerous. This unit benefited from the location of a transformer on a hydro pole in the laneway, which allowed for a larger second storey (as there are minimum distance requirements to the transformer). However, some of the City’s ever-changing and onerous rules might be getting in the way of allowing more laneway housing and thus the City may be missing opportunities for gentle densification, There’s plenty of red tape and expenses to navigate for anyone interested in adding a laneway house to a property.

One thought on “Laneway house: A look at 2708 East 25th Avenue

  1. The rezoning in Gibsons has resulted in our eviction from the property’s original h9me which we have been renting for 24 years.l

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