Trout Lake Master Plan still ongoing, began in 2013. Drainage improvements needed

The Master Plan for John Hendry Park, or Trout Lake, began back in 2013. A second phase of public consultation will take place in “early 2021” according the park Master Plan website (see for details). There was a draft Master Plan published in June 2015 that saw significant opposition, for example, against plans to relocate the off leash dog park.

There are a number of drainage improvements that are sorely needed in the park. These extend to drainage on the footpaths and the BC Parkway bike path that run through the park; standing puddles of water can be frequently found in these paths after storms. There’s also standing water currently on the eastern perimeter of the park (photos below). None of these improvements need the Master Plan. Perhaps some interim work could be done in the near future to address drainage issues.

One thought on “Trout Lake Master Plan still ongoing, began in 2013. Drainage improvements needed

  1. But much of the year, it is dry and weedy. High summer it has an e. coli count too high for swimming.
    Like Stanley Park’s Beaver Lake, it is eutrophic, filling itself with debris.

    [ Eutrophication: excessive richness of nutrients in a lake or other body of water, frequently due to runoff from the land, which causes a dense growth of plant life and death of animal life from lack of oxygen. ]

    It has no “inlet” nor outlet, so the water level is not regulated.
    There are a lot of rain water sewers with all the street debris and chemical dust involved.

    You might take the Como Lake bus out to Gatensbury and see Como Lake in Coquitlam, another pond lake and what they have done. However they have Pebble Creek as a discharge.
    You might call up the REAL Mayor Stewart (Richard Stewart, mayor of Coquitlam) and ask about lake maintenance.

    Running a pipe from Trout Lake to Still Creek might not be useful.

    By the way, how long do the “puddles” last, days, weeks?

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