Comparing the new with the old. 100-year old building demolished and replaced (Case study)

A home that was over 100 years old (left) was replaced in 2017 at 1478 East 12th (at Woodland Drive)

Vancouver continues to lose heritage assets. If a building isn’t listed on the City’s Heritage Register, then it is fair game for demolition and replacement. This was the case with the building at 1478 East 12th Avenue, located at the corner of Woodland Drive. The replacement structure is a ‘faux heritage’ building, with some of the traditional architectural details and trappings for the area, a porch, and so forth to make it somewhat compatible to the immediate surroundings. A question that’s worth asking, could more have been done to keep to original building on the site?

In April of 2015, the Development Permit for this site was listed on the City’s website as 1478 East 12th Avenue – DE418495; the link no longer works. The City may consider buildings constructed prior to 1940 to be ‘character homes’. The protection for old buildings is weak, and the City’s onerous requirements, red-tape and lack of flexibility present many roadblocks for preserving character homes.

Pictured below is another building at 1500 East 1st Avenue, on the corner of Woodland Drive. It was built in 1907 and it adds a bit of charm to the immediate area. The building is not listed on the City’s Heritage Register.

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1478 East 12th Avenue in 2015, before demolition (October 7, 2016)

From Google Earth Street View (2012):

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