Classic bus shelters

There are still a few classic bus shelters left in Vancouver. The one pictured above is on Victoria Drive, just north of East 22nd Avenue. The vast majority of bus shelters in the city have been replaced with ones containing advertising billboards from Outfront Media / JCDecaux. There’s perhaps a certain charm to the classic bus stops. A few years ago, a stop at Southeast Marine and Knight was replaced (picture from Google Street View, at end).

[Update] Another example of a classic bus shelter is the one at the Cloverleaf on the south side of the Granville Street bridge. One detail to look at is the large bench in the classic shelter. In comparison, the new shelters have benches that are much shorter and are organized into three distinct places to sit, separated by bumps. It’s a clear design decision against the homeless.

Bus shelter at Granville Street Cloverleaf

One of the features on some of the new bus shelters was the inclusion of cameras. This article from the CBC noted that the company behind the bus shelters claimed that the built-in cameras are not in operation. A subsequent article in the Vancouver Courier states that the cameras will be covered. This might be a topic to cover in more detail in the future (how were the cameras included in the stops, what was the purpose, who authorized the cameras, etc.).

Cameras in Vancouver bus shelter advertising raise privacy concerns (CBC News, Sept 7, 2019)
Vancouver bus shelter cameras to be covered after privacy concerns raised (Vancouver Courier, Sept 9, 2019)

SE Marine Drive bus shelter

Here are screenshots from Google Street View of a few of the other classic shelters:

Harrison Loop (near Victoria and SE Marine Drive)

Macdonald Street and King Edward Avenue

This classic bus stop was removed a few years ago:

Classic bus shelter was removed and replaced after Knight Street interchange improvements (Google Street View from 2015)

3 thoughts on “Classic bus shelters

  1. In her May 2018 report on seniors transportation Isobel Mackenzie, the BC Seniors Advocate recommended additional bus shelters and benches. Only about 42% of bus stops in Metro Vancouver have a shelter or a bench. We need at least one bench at every one of the 8600 bus stops, and big size shelters at many more locations , especially at transfer points.

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