Crowdfunded mural starts to take shape on Adanac

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A crowdfunded mural has started to shape on Adanac Street. The new mural is located on the HFA (Hambleton Fine Art Services) building located on the corner of McLean Drive, across from Bomber Brewery and Woodland Park.

An interesting aspect of this mural is it began as a kickstarter campaign back on October 1, 2020, as the East Vancouver Community Mural. The funding target set in the campaign was exceeded. The artists, Jeff Dywelska and Kamila Grygorczyk, have been able to turn it into a colour mural; it was originally conceived as a greyscale mural to keep costs down. Studio 801 have agreed to maintain the mural for two years, which in this case includes repainting after any tagging.

Further information on the kickstarter campaign, “A Community Wall Mural: A celebration of East Vancouver’s Cycling Culture & Vancouver’s animal Kingdom“, can be found at this link.

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