Burrard Gateway (One Burrard Place) rendering vs reality.

Architectural rendering (left) vs. building under construction (right)

As an update to an earlier post, we’ve revisited the One Burrard Place tower that is currently under construction. The photograph on the right shows the tower as of December 4, 2020. The rendering on the left was shown during the rezoning process and it was part of the package that was submitted to City Council. We plan to come back this location when the building reaches its full height. Also of note is the office tower under construction at Drake and Burrard. It’s also evident that the height and massing of the office tower in the rendering is different than in the real world (it’s on the left side of the photo, but still part of the same development). Note that the bike lane and street details in the foreground of the recent photo have changed due to the City’s modifications of the Pacific and Burrard intersection.

Further details and analysis can be found in our earlier post from June 10, 2020:

Burrard Gateway (One Burrard Place) rendering vs reality. Tower (under construction) already taller & wider than in architectural renderings, with 10 more storeys still to go

Below: Prior to construction (left), architect’s rendering when project was approved (middle), and Dec 4, 2020 (right).

2 thoughts on “Burrard Gateway (One Burrard Place) rendering vs reality.

    • No, the difference is not from the lens. The rendering is incorrect.
      There are, of course, some minor differences that would be due to the cameras and lenses used. But these differences would only be minor. Please note how the office tower on the left-hand size of the photo already blocks the Wall Tower, whereas on the rending, this is clearly visible. This means that the rendering showed the office tower along Burrard to be lower than it actually is in reality. As for the taller tower, note the horizontal alignment of its location when compared to the buildings in the foreground. The rendering shows it to be further to the west than it is in reality. We reached out to IBI Architects to see if they would comment but they did not get back to us (please see the link to our previous post with more details). IBI are of course welcome to reshoot the scene with the same camera and lens from the same location they used to make the rendering and to share their results.
      There are ways to remove the barrel lens distortion inherit in a photograph (to ‘undistort’ it) if one were to try to make exact matches between two photos. More information is available in our previous post about this: https://cityhallwatch.wordpress.com/2020/06/08/rendering-vs-reality-semlin-12th-rezoning/
      You can also find the location for the rendering in the real world and compare it the architect’s rendering to what you see (this location is in the bike lane, close to the manhole cover in the vicinity of the stairs that lead down to Pacific).

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