Will overnight vehicle bans come into effect? City contemplates enforcement

No parking zone introduced around Woodland Park to prevent RVs from parking

RVs and other vehicles have provided shelter for people who have otherwise lost everything. Now the City of Vancouver is considering enforcing a ban on overnight parking, according to articles in the Vancouver Sun and The Tyee. The overnight parking bans would first target people in RVs, vans and other vehicles who stay in the vicinity of Strathcona Park.

Over the years, the City has taken other actions to attempt to discourage overnight parking. One of these actions is to prohibit parking from midnight to 6 am around the perimeter of parks (such as Grandview Park). As well, parking is now prohibited along parts of McLean Drive beside Woodland Park, in an area where people previously parked overnight.

Aug 22, 2019 (RV towed, City enforcement)

There is overnight parking by people who shelter in their vehicles in residential zones; however, from our general observation, the vehicles stay for at most a few days before moving on. Overnight parking in a few pockets of industrial zones can also be observed. For example, one area for RVs is in the vicinity of the Home Depot and the City’s Public Works Yard (Evans, Glen Drive) and on both sides of the railway tracks (Malkin, Vernon and other streets close to Strathcona Park). Another spot for overnight parking is in Spanish Banks.

The City of Vancouver has enforced their bans on overnight parking without warning in the past. For example, on August 22, 2019, several RVs and vans were towed in the vicinity of the Home Depot beside the Grandview Viaduct.

The article in the Vancouver Sun quotes a City spokesperson about their plans for overnight parking enforcement:

“The process will start slowly and illegally parked vehicles will be issued a warning ticket and a second one if the vehicle isn’t moved, before enforcement starts, said city spokeswoman Ellie Lambert in an email.

She also said the city began issuing tickets to illegal campers last year in “several areas across Vancouver including Spanish Banks and Jericho,” and the rollout to Strathcona was delayed by COVID.”

Full story: Overnight parking ban at Strathcona Park to be enforced, starting with warnings: city (Vancouver Sun, Oct 17, 2020, Susan Lazaruk)

Vancouver Targets People Who Live in RVs and Vans Near Strathcona Park (The Tyee, Oct 17, 2020, Jen St. Denis)

The slideshow (below) shows a number of pictures of vehicles that stay overnight and are located west of Clark Drive. This is in an area that City staff are recommending to become a future ‘charging zone’ that would require permits for on-street parking.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4 thoughts on “Will overnight vehicle bans come into effect? City contemplates enforcement

  1. Also south of Van Tech school and Rona/Lowes and adjacent South Grandview. on east 12th and

    Dozens along 4th Avenue on the north side next to Jericho Park. Spanish Banks and what is called Northwest Marine south of Locarno Beach.
    Silly to ban them. Better to give 7 days permission, then move a block or two.

    That’s what happens at Spanish Banks West

  2. In these days of homelessness, prohibitively high rents, unaffordability of food and other things, is it really the time to be putting a stop to people’s homes on wheels? Rather than enforcing the by-laws without offering any alternative living possibility maybe we should create some Legal places to park these Rv’s and try to find a better alternative in the future? I understand that that’s a hard place to find! But I’m sure they exist, and in the meantime, the status quo isn’t all that bad…

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