Vancouver Aquarium closing indefinitely on September 7th

The Vancouver Aquarium announced that it will be closing on September 7th. It’s unclear how long the Aquarium will stay closed. Approximately 200 workers will be laid off. The cited reason for the closure was the ongoing pandemic. The ‘public programming’ at the aquarium will be paused. An open question is whether private events will be allowed.

The Vancouver Aquarium has seen much controversy over the years as a result of having cetaceans on display. Park Board passed a bylaw amendment to ban live cetaceans on display in May 2017. The Aquarium took legal action against a local filmmaker as well as the Park Board (see links below).

The documentary Vancouver Aquarium Uncovered has additional details on the conditions under which the facility kept cetaceans (see website for more information on the documentary):

North Vancouver filmmaker who criticized aquarium wins appeal (Jane Seyd, North Shore News, November 17, 2017)

Vancouver Aquarium ends lawsuit that boosted interest in critical documentary (Jason Proctor, CBC News, March 8, 2018)

Vancouver Aquarium bucks national trend by keeping whales and dolphins (Travis Lupick, The Straight, Feb 12, 2014)

Court rules Vancouver Park Board has authority to ban cetaceans at Vancouver Aquarium (Feb 19, 2019, City of Vancouver press release)

Vancouver Aquarium Suing City For Whale, Dolphin Ban (Huffington Post, May 20, 2019)

Vancouver Aquarium sues city, park board over cetacean ban (Michelle Ghoussoub, CBC News, May 18, 2019)

Vancouver Aquarium to move last dolphin out, drops lawsuit against park board (Wanyee Li, Star Vancouver, June 25, 2019)

Signage from April 2020

One thought on “Vancouver Aquarium closing indefinitely on September 7th

  1. No foreign tourists duped into being in the centre of forest of Stanley Park to pay $40 to see a few fish tanks.
    No families on Covid Relief pay want to spend $32 per child to gaze blankly as some bright fish swimming around.
    No school groups being taken on an “educational” tour (especially at thos prices) this year.
    No large gatherings allowed like weddings in the halls and banquet rooms. (Vision Arts commissioner and former VPLibrary head Sarah Singh was married there)

    And the people are annoyed at the prices and that the Aquarium a private institution pays no rent for prime real estate.

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