No swimming at Sunset Beach. Water quality deemed unsuitable for swimming.

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Sunset beach has been closed to swimmers. Water quality readings on August 7th measured levels between 479 coliforms / 100ml and 1374 coliforms / 100ml. Beaches are closed when the readings exceed 200 coliforms / 100ml. [Update Aug 11: Trout Lake has also been closed to swimmers]

There are a number of beaches and bodies of water around Metro Vancouver that are tested on a weekly basis. While there is no swimming in False Creek, the most recent readings exceeded 24,196 coliforms / 100ml, or over 120 times the allowed maximum level. The contamination is likely from raw sewage entering False Creek from storm sewers and/or boats. Vancouver still has a large number of combined storm and wastewater sewers.

Beach at Trout Lake was open while resampling was in progress (closed on Aug 11)

At Trout Lake there is a resampling protocol in progress as there were recent samples that exceeded 400 coliforms / 100ml. The beach remains open until a determination is made from the results of the resampled measurements. [Update: the resampled measurements have resulted in the closure of Trout Lake on Aug 11]

The latest water quality readings are available on the website of Vancouver Coastal Health:

The measurements for Trout Lake from Aug 10th were: 1700 E. coli/100mL (single sample)
216 E. coli /100mL (geometric mean)

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