The Kerr Street Allée (Dawn redwood): Vancouver street tree success

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The Kerr Street Allée consists of a Dawn redwood planting and it is a spectacular example of a patch of mature urban forest. This street tree planting is located between East 41st Avenue and East 45th Avenue along Kerr Street. The Dawn redwood (Metasequoia glyptostroboides) is a ‘living fossil’ and it is used as an ornamental tree. This species is in the Cypress family.

One of the factors that allowed these trees to reach a full height is the lack of overhead hydro wires. BC Hydro has been very slow to bury wires and the presence of overhead wires can result in the heavy pruning of street trees. These mature trees create a sense of canopy and space.

Kerr Street: in Google Street View:

In Google Maps:


Vancouver web page on city trees, including links to bylaws

Vancouver’s Urban Forest Strategy
Every tree is part of the urban forest. Help grow the forest canopy and reach our goal of planting 150,000 trees by 2020.

Historic street trees in Vancouver

How the City of Vancouver takes care of 147,000 street trees (8-Feb-2019)

Vancouver Street Trees (Apple App)

Urban Forests (Metro Vancouver)



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