Park Board will refer reopening of Stanley Park back to staff, reject reverting Park Drive to 2 lanes for motorized vehicles

Park Board won’t be immediately reverting the transportation network in Stanley Park. Shortly after midnight, on June 19th, the majority of the board voted in favour of a substitution motion (a strike and replace motion) that would have staff continue to work on a reopening plan. The amended motion passed with parts B & C supported in a 5-2 vote (Coupar and Barker opposed). This action means that Park Drive will remain in use by cyclists, while the seawall will be reserved for pedestrians.

Motorized vehicles might still return to the park, in a limited capacity. Park Drive, the two-lane road around the perimeter of the park, might be temporarily split into two lanes. One lane would be used by motorized vehicles and another lane by cyclists. Additional details about the plan will likely come forward as information in the next scheduled Park Board meeting on Monday, June 22nd.

A previous motion to explore options to reduce motor vehicles in Stanley Park passed on June 8th:

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