Strathcona Park new site of encampment. Campers relocated from Port Authority Lands beside Crab Park

Earlier today the encampment on the Port Authority lands beside Crab Park was dismantled, as the Vancouver Police Department evicted the campers and enforced an injunction. Since that time, the encampment has relocated to Strathcona Park. The centre of the new encampment is just north of Malkin Avenue, on the other side of the Cottonwood Community Garden, beside the tennis courts. A number of the campers were still setting up as of this writing (5:30pm, June 16).

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The encampment beside CRAB Park had been completely fenced off earlier in the day. Approximately 50 Vancouver Police Officers were on the scene enforcing the injunction and arresting people who refused to leave. A crowd stood on the other side of the barriers in CRAB Park in support of the campers as they watched the events unfold.

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