Petition: Keep the beat in the ‘Heart’ of Mount Pleasant! (Heritage triangle at Kingsway-Main-East Broadway)

The Mount Pleasant Heritage Group has sponsored a petition to keep the ‘Heritage Heart’ in the neighbourhood. This Heritage Heart is an area in and around the triangle formed at Kingsway, Main and East Broadway. The full text of the petition to City Council is available here.

Here’s a longer quote from the petition:

We love the ‘Heritage Heart’, the unique commercial/cultural district defined by the intersections of Main, Broadway, and Kingsway. We bet you do too.

BUT we are at risk of losing the ‘heart’ of Mount Pleasant and the local independent businesses and cultural groups who have homes there.

Did you know that the Heart of Mount Pleasant was ranked # 1 on Heritage Vancouver Society’s 2019 Top Ten Endangered Watch List?

The recognition of this district as the ‘heart’ of the community and the name “Heritage Heart” were born from the 2010 Mount Pleasant Community Plan (MPCP) and subsequent 2013 Implementation Package (IP), which were co-created by the City of Vancouver and the community through the investment of taxpayer dollars and hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours. They document the ‘heart’s’ importance as a vibrant shopping, cultural and gathering spot, not only to the neighbourhood but city-wide. Both documents also include the policy of “retaining the existing scale and character” of this small portion of Mount Pleasant.

To protect this treasured district, we are asking that the Broadway Plan formalizes this policy and that the City go on to create and implement a management plan for the “Heritage Heart” that deals holistically with the social diversity, independent businesses, affordable rents, historic architecture, smaller store frontages, public spaces and unique personality of Mount Pleasant.

Our Vision? When transit users emerge from the future Main Street Broadway Subway station, they will arrive at Mount Pleasant’s vibrant and distinct ‘Heritage Heart’, not a generic “could-be-anywhere” intersection.

The clock is ticking; the time to act is now! The draft Broadway Plan is expected in April. Join us as we call upon the City to include a commitment to creating a management plan for the ‘Heritage Heart’ within the Broadway Plan.

To see the full text and the petition: Keep the beat in the ‘Heart’ of Mount Pleasant!

The petition is sponsored by the Mount Pleasant Heritage Group

One thought on “Petition: Keep the beat in the ‘Heart’ of Mount Pleasant! (Heritage triangle at Kingsway-Main-East Broadway)

  1. When members of the Residents Association of Mount Pleasant (RAMP) held a charrette on 22 June 2013, among the 10 Mount Pleasant Charrette Plan Key Principles we find:

    5. Main Street between 11th and 7th Avenues is revitalized as a Historic District.
    6. The unit-block Kingsway is designated as a pedestrian priority zone figurating the sense of place.
    7. All historic buildings are retained. Conversion to co-op work space and housing is encouraged.

    Mount Pleasant was the first suburb of Vancouver. The Main Street Trolley first turning on Broadway, and later extending to 16th Avenue, made the connections necessary to build up the neighborhood.

    The names of “Broadway” and “Main Street” themselves were innovations made at the height of the Panama Canal boom which lasted between 1907 – 1913. The best buildings in the neighbourhood, in the ‘Heart’ of Mount Pleasant, date from this period.

    Closing the block of Kingsway between Main and Broadway would be a natural way to celebrate this history, and create a fabulous meeting place supporting the highest levels of social mixing (standing less than 6-feet apart, as soon as its safe to do so).

    View artist rendering for Mount Pleasant Historic District:

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