Park Board passes motion to explore options to reduce motor vehicle traffic in Stanley Park

Park Board approved an amended motion to explore options to reduce motor vehicle traffic in Stanley Park. The motion passed with a 5-2 vote with Commissioners John Coupar and Tricia Barker opposed. A previous motion to refer this item to an upcoming Committee meeting in order to hear from the public failed by a 2-5 vote.

Now it will be up to staff to take the direction from this motion and include broad public consultation on work they would bring back to the Park Board. This work, when it is completed, will likely go to Committee and then speakers from the public would be heard. The full text of the motion is reproduced in the screenshot above (an OCR version is included further below).

In a separate update earlier in the meeting, staff said they are considering reopening the seawall to cyclists at a later date and they are also considering putting in a physical barrier on the main road around the perimeter of Stanley Park (Park Drive) to separate cyclists from motor vehicles.

Park Board live streams shows the Commissioners with full video. Vancouver City Council by comparison is audio only (apart from slides from presentations)

The motion on notice related to alcohol consumption in parks and beaches was withdrawn, as staff had reported back on progress made earlier in the evening with respect to a previously passed motion. In another update, outdoor pools will remain closed until at least mid-July. Staff also reported that they are anticipating a $38 million shortfall in revenues. About half of Park Board’s budget comes from the general City budget while the other half usually comes from fees for programmes and other services.

The motion for motor vehicle traffic reduction was supported by cycling advocacy organizations such as Hub Cycling while opposed in the online petition Keep Stanley Park Open for All. An OCR version of the motion is reproduced below (please verify text with screenshot):

Exploring Options to Reduce Motor Vehicle Traffic in Stanley Park


A. THAT Vancouver Park Board staff explore the long term feasibility of reducing motor vehicle traffic in Stanley Park, including but not restricted to, reducing roadways to single lanes while maintaining access to the park, while increasing accessibility for those with disabilities;

B. FURTHER THAT consultation include the Stanley Park Intergovernmental Working Group, the Persons with Disabilities Advisory Committee, as well as park partners, stakeholders, and the community at large; and

C. THAT Park Board staff explore green transportation options, to and throughout the park, to support equitable access for all park users, including those with disabilities and mobility challenges.

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