Future sites for Temporary Modular Housing

Has the City of Vancouver already telegraphed future sites for Temporary Modular Housing?

In a presentation by Director of Planning Gil Kelley, four CD-1 sites were identified to be amended to allow for Temporary Modular Housing (TMH).

These sites are City-owned. The sites are located at 2610 Grandview Highway, 4170 Nanaimo Street (back lot), 3098 S.E. Marine / 3099 E. Kent and 3560-3590 Walker Street. These sites had previously been added to a policy document at the time of referral. As well, Temporary Modular Housing Design Guidelines were also passed. The changes were approved at a Public Hearing on December 13, 2016. There were a number of concerns raised about the future of the Copley Orchard at the time, which makes up part of the CD-310 (a portion of that site, at 3590 Copley Street has since been redeveloped as a TMH project).

It’s worth noting that the four sites are all on the Eastside. There’s a map of the distribution of TMH in Vancouver in our previous post: Temporary Modular Housing in Vancouver today (May 5, 2020). There isn’t a single TMH site west of Oak Street. It’s an open question if and when additional TMH units are planned in Vancouver, as much of the funding for the construction and operation of TMH has come from the Province. Perhaps readers can provide suggestions for suitable sites to locate future TMH projects.


https://cd1-bylaws.vancouver.ca/cd-1(181).PDF   (Grandview Highway & Penticton)
https://cd1-bylaws.vancouver.ca/cd-1(210).PDF   (Nanaimo and 26th Avenue)
https://cd1-bylaws.vancouver.ca/cd-1(310).PDF   (Copley Street TMH alrea completed; Walker Street orchard site: status unknown)
https://cd1-bylaws.vancouver.ca/cd-1(247).PDF   (Riverside East, East Fraserlands)



https://council.vancouver.ca/20161213/phea20161213ag.htm (Public Hearing)

Click to access p1.pdf

Click to access phea2presentation.pdf

The following map in the City’s report has an incorrect location for CD-1 (210). This site is located at 4170 Nanaimo Street (there’s a large empty lot behind the buildings that front Nanaimo).

One thought on “Future sites for Temporary Modular Housing

  1. There is only one Temporary Modular House at the old Little Mountain site at Ontario and 37th Avenue, but there could be more! It’s a large piece of land, and the Holborn group that was supposed to build on it has not done so in over 14 years, and also haven’t paid for the land yet! As the land was originally intended for affordable housing for returning servicemen after WW2, I think that would be a far better use of the land than to add to the extensive number of ridiculously expensive condos in the city, especially in that area. And I think that there should be one on the Jericho land, although that would be a First Nations decision, I guess. Perhaps one could be built on the old Safeway site on 10th Avenue and Sasamat?

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