In Vienna, housing is a destination

Hundertwasser House, Vienna

In Vienna, housing is a destination. More specifically, the Hundertwasser House is a tourist destination. This housing complex was completed in 1985. While it is a tiny bit out of the downtown core, visitors still flock in large numbers to see it. Further details on this housing complex can be found on the Vienna info website: (Kegelgasse 37-39, 1030 Wien)
Vienna has often been ranked as the most liveable City in the world. There is a significant stock of affordable rental units in Vienna. Below are recent photos of Hundertwasser House.

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How Vienna ensures affordable housing for all with an extremely complicated housing system (July 9, 2017, Milwaukee Community Land Trust)

2 thoughts on “In Vienna, housing is a destination

  1. I read this article with joy – there ARE answers to our housing crisis! So let’s not reinvent the wheel, but take as many pages from this city and others with clever solutions and get moving on it! And speed up the permit process which has now slowed from a crawl to inchworm speed!

    Sincerely, Candace O’Connor >

  2. 2017 article covers Vienna’s success in keeping housing a human right and sustaining its decommodification. Provides more info than I got from the installation a few years back at Museum of Vancouver!

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