Astroturf vs. grass in the Greenest City

Is astroturf really a good option to use along boulevards and on private property? Recently we noticed that there’s a strip of astroturf between the sidewalk and the curb at 4320 Slocan Street in a low traffic pedestrian zone. The grass at the adjacent lot, at 4310 Slocan is quite healthy (above photo shows the property boundary).

Artificial turf was also installed at 1695-1773 East 18th Avenue (below). During the rezoning process, the landscape plans clearly stated the surface would be a lawn. During the DP process, this was changed to artificial turf in a classic bait and switch. The City’s own rules prohibit the installation of artificial turf on private properties (more on that later).

Here is the artificial turf being unrolled (video used with permission) around April 9th:

The following link is the City’s policy regarding Artificial Turf on Private Property:   This quote is from that policy:

“The Planning, Urban Design and Sustainability, and Development Services, Building and Licensing departments will not approve artificial turf installations on private property.”

It’s worth noting that the City of Vancouver actually owned a lot in the middle of this site on East 18th Avenue; this lot was sold well below true market value. The site also had a fair bit of vegetation and mature trees. Now this property has artificial turf. The irony.

For other examples of astroturf used in Vancouver, please see the previous post, Astroturfed Greenest City.

1695 to 1773 East 18th Avenue (artificial turf)


One thought on “Astroturf vs. grass in the Greenest City

  1. My understanding, at least as far as the astroturfed strips along road boulevards in the yaletown area was concerned, was due to dogs. People who live in downdown condos who own dogs, were taking their dogs to do their business on those little grass strips.

    The cobdo strata corps were responsible for maintaining thse strips, and the strata councils did not want the expense or the mess.

    Apparently, dogs do not like doing thir busuness on astroturf, so remove the grass and the problemm is gone.

    The problem is, dogs still have to poop and pee, so where do they go now?

    I think there is probably a bigger demand on dog parks now. Yuck.

    I would suggest that every condo complex that allows dogs should have an onsite private “dog park” for use by resident dogs, and thse should be designed for easyiest use and cleanup.

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