City shuts down Tim Hortons in Downtown Eastside over Covid-19 bylaw violations

The Tim Hortons at Abbott and West Pender Street has been ordered shut for three days by the City of Vancouver. This is the only reported case of the City using its powers to shut down a business under the emergency powers that were enacted on March 19th. The order to suspend the business license claims that social distancing requirements on the premises were not kept, and that more than 10 customers were in the premises at one time. This business must stay shut until March 30th. The City of Vancouver website claims that nearly 7,000 establishments were checked for emergency bylaw compliance. Here’s the order to close this business:

The order to restrict the number of customers to 10 persons and to prohibit customers from eating in the establishment is reproduced below:

The Abbott Street / West Pender location of Tim Hortons was the only business that was shut by the City. Here’s a photo of one of the other Tim Hortons locations that is open (this one is at Renfrew Station).


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