13 items at two Public Hearings (21 & 23 Jan, 2020): Some are major. See list here.

Vancouver City Council

To start off the new year of 2020 and new decade of the 2020s, City staff have been busily preparing a big batch of rezonings and administrative changes for two Public Hearings, dated January 21 (Tues) and 23 (Thurs), 2020. Both start at 6 pm. City Council will be busy, with a huge amount of material to go through. The final packages of materials were made public at the end of last week, which makes quite a challenge for citizens who wish to be involved in the process.

We encourage residents and community groups to scan through the lists below for items in their neighbourhoods, identify any that concern them — positive, negative, or otherwise — and consider writing or speaking to Council with your input. Information on how sign up and speak to City Council is available at the top of each meeting agenda page. Letters can also be e-mailed to publichearing@vancouver.ca. If you are quick, you could get your letter posted online on the City’s agenda web page for others to read in advance.

Our elected officials need to know what issues are of concern, and this can guide their attention and lines of questioning and discussion. What are the costs and benefits of each proposal? Does it fit in with the neighbourhood? Has due process been followed? What are the staff reports missing? What precedents are being set, positive or negative? Are the proponents contributing enough to the City in return for what they are asking? Have the City staff covered the key issues and put the public interest first? How do these proposals fit into the flow of the current city-wide planning process?

Below are
(1) Links to the City’s agenda pages, which include links to the relevant reports and documents. On the City’s agenda pages you might wish to click on links to read public correspondence the City has received, for an idea of what other residents are saying.
(2) Scans from the official notice in the Vancouver Courier  (they include very short summaries). (As we have said before, we urge the City to provide this info on its own website, for extra convenience. Not all people can access a printed copy of the Courier.)
(3) A list of the agenda items, with other links, such as coverage by media, CityHallWatch posts, residents’ associations, and other material online, as we become aware of it. If you would like us to add a link to online comment or analysis, please send an e-mail to citizenYVR@gmail.com.


1. Links to City’s agenda pages

Public Hearing January 21, 2020 (Tuesday, 6 pm)

Public Hearing January 23, 2020 (Thursday, 6 pm)


2. Scans of the official notice in the Vancouver Courier, with short summaries.public hearing 21-Jan-2020public hearing 23-Jan-2020


3. Links to other materials on each agenda item (to be updated as more come in)

Public Hearing January 21, 2020 (Tuesday, 6 pm)

1. MISCELLANEOUS AMENDMENTS: Zoning and Development By-law and Sign Fee By-law

2. TEXT AMENDMENT: 188 East 6th Avenue (formerly 2221-2223 Main Street)

3. REZONING: 1956-1990 Stainsbury Avenue

4. REZONING: 3600 East Hastings Street

5. REZONING: 3680 East Hastings Street

6. REZONING: Rezoning of Certain Properties in the Nanaimo Sub-area of the Grandview-Woodland Community Plan, and Related Plan Amendments

Area -wide rezoning at Public Hearing Jan 21, 2020, 6pm (Nanaimo / Kitchener / Charles St), Grandview-Woodland Community Plan amendments. http://www.gwac.ca/news/area-wide-rezoning-at-public-hearing-jan-21-2020-6pm-nanaimo-kitchener-charles-st


Public Hearing January 23, 2020 (Thursday, 6 pm)

1. TEXT AMENDMENT: 505 Smithe Street
2. REZONING: 916-926 West 32nd Avenue
3. REZONING: 514 West 61st Avenue
4. REZONING: 2209-2249 East Broadway

2209-2249 East Broadway: 78 condo unit, 6-storey rezoning at Public Hearing January 23, 2019. http://www.gwac.ca/news/2209-2249-east-broadway-78-condo-unit-6-storey-rezoning-at-public-hearing-january-23-2019

5. REZONING: 8420 Kerr Street and 3104-3130 Southeast Marine Drive
6. TEXT AMENDMENT: 1980 Foley Street (at Great Northern Way, 215 foot tower)

Analysis: Massive Lululemon HQ rezoning at Public Hearing January 23rd, no CAC proposed, https://cityhallwatch.wordpress.com/2020/01/19/lululemon-hq-rezoning-jan23/

7. REZONING: 878-898 West Broadway

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