Two important open houses on rental incentives in Vancouver (Wed Sept 25 & Thurs Sept 26)

City HallThe City of Vancouver is organizing two important open house this week with huge implications for neighbourhoods across the city. The topic is proposed changes to policies and zoning for “rental incentive programs,” which includes reviews of Rental 100, Affordable Housing Choices Interim Rezoning Policy, and opportunities to extend the Moderate Income Rental Housing Pilot Program (MIRHPP). Changes in policies and zonings can result in major changes to your community. Have a look, and have a say! [update: slides from the Open House are available online at this link]

September 25, 2019 (Wed) 4 to 7 pm
Kitsilano Neighborhood House, 2305 West 7th Ave

Thurs. September 26, 4pm to 7pm
Polish Community Centre, 4015 Fraser St, Vancouver

More details:

We also encourage anyone interested to take the survey by clicking the link above (city website).

Despite the former Vision Vancouver civic party having been obliterated from City Hall in the October 2018 municipal election, the current City Council in July 2019 adopted all of the Vision regime’s policies, including the 2016 Interim Zoning Policy and Affordable Home Ownership Program, as a framework for the city-wide planning process, which is now beginning. The implications are huge.

The majority of city councillors appear to have already decided there will be no neighbourhood-based planning processes going forward, as Council has pre-determined where and how density will be increased in all zones (i.e., high rises along major arterials, mid rises along other arterials, and forms such as stacked townhouses within 1.5 blocks on either side).

Residents who attend the open houses are encouraged to ask for planning processes that are more neighbourhood-based, rather than blanket city-wide zonings and policies. The voices of communities should be respected and heard when it comes to these issues.

One thought on “Two important open houses on rental incentives in Vancouver (Wed Sept 25 & Thurs Sept 26)

  1. I get the sense that the survey’s real purpose is to provide a rationale for relaxing public input into rezoning and development applications. In other words, to make things even easier for developers.

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