LANEWAY HOUSING: Everything you wanted to know but didn’t know who to ask! (GWAC meeting 8-Jul-2019, Mon)

LANEWAY HOUSING:Everything you Wanted to Know, But Didn’t Know Who to Ask!

July 8, 2019 (Monday), 7pm
Learning Resource Centre under the Britannia Library
Organizer: Grandview Woodland Area Council (

GWAC has assembled a panel of experts to speak to their first hand knowledge of everything you may want to know & definitely need to know before committing to infill housing.

Richard Bell LLC, a lawyer, will speak to the legal aspects; Jake Fry, of Smallworks, who co-founded Small Housing BC, will speak to the challenges & opportunities of laneway housing, as well as the ins & outs of development from the contractor’s perspective; Matt Henry, realtor, will describe how one can market a laneway house; as well Dan & Felicia Cooper, who are in process of tangling with the City for approvals for a laneway house in Hastings Sunrise, will describe their experience seeking those permits and more.

GWAC has also invited some occupants of local laneway houses to share their experience of living in infill housing.

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