What happens when the Viaducts are gone? GWAC meeting 6-May-2019 (Mon)

Viaducts bottom photo, credit GWAC May 2019

A view from below the Viaducts. Phote: GWAC.

The text below is from an notification e-mail from the Grandview-Woodland Area Council. For the full notice, please visit their website – http://www.gwac.ca/news/may-6th-meeting-what-is-the-plan-when-the-viaducts-are-gone.

What Happens When the Viaducts Are Gone?
GWAC Meeting
May 6, 2019 (Monday), starting 7 pm
Learning Resources Centre (LRC), under the Britannia Library, 1661 Napier Street


The City intends to develop a new route across the False Creek Flats once the Viaducts come down. A community panel was convened and recently recommended a preferred route, crossing on National Street to Charles and emptying out on Clark. This has now gone to the City’s Engineering department for review.

On May 6th, Lon LeClair, director of Transportation with the City of Vancouver, has been invited to speak to the priorities of the City. His talk will be followed by a panel discussion with representatives of the Strathcona Residents’ Association, Produce Row, Commercial Drive BIA, and Maria Stanborough of the GWACouncil.

They will discuss what they think is important and they will want to hear from you, so please plan to attend.


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