Public Realm Improvements needed at 12th and Kingsway – Dangerous intersection, stark streetscape

Safety issues with the intersection of 12th and Kingsway were clearly summarized a few years ago. Simple changes can prevent further serious accidents at this intersection.

Residents Association Mount Pleasant Vancouver

No south crosswalk at dangerous intersection at 12th and Kingsway

A key area of public safety concern has been overlooked by the City of Vancouver in planning the Biltmore social housing units. There’s an urgent need to improve safety and the public realm around the facility. The topic of the public realm was not mentioned even once during at the first City-sponsored meeting about the Biltmore on January 8, 2014. Public realm issues appear to have been missed entirely in planning for the facility.

Public Realm Improvements at Kingsway and 12th are very much needed. Now. Before the Biltmore social housing facility opens. Here’s why.

South Crosswalk closedThe intersection of Kingsway and 12th Avenue is very dangerous and has a high-volume of traffic on both roads. At present, there’s no pedestrian crosswalk on the south end of the intersection. The entire intersection has been optimized for automobiles and traffic flow. Pedestrians who wish to cross Kingsway are directed to use the north…

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