Port of Vancouver, please extend area of waterfront Crab Park lease and pay for improvements: Park Board motion by Commissioner John Irwin 1-April-2019

Update –

COPE Commissioner John Irwin has submitted a motion to the Vancouver Park Board meeting for April 1, 2019 seeking a significant expansion of Crab Park, the downtown waterfront park east of Canada Place and north of Gastown. This would increase the size of the park’s size by about 50%, from 8.2 to over 12 acres. He is also calling for funds to  improve Crab Park, including enhancements to green space, construction of an arts and cultural centre, and construction of a new pedestrian overpass over the railyard between Columbia Street and Crab Park.

The park is a precious piece of Vancouver waterfront, but relatively inaccessible, as it can only be accessed from a Main Street overpass from the east or Waterfront Road from the west.

Further below is the text of his motion, plus some key facts and links to related coverage. Anyone supportive of this motion is encouraged to write or speak to the Park Board. (See contact info below.) But first, here are some photos and video kindly created by Vancouver photographer Susan Lu (www.susanluphoto.com).


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MOTION ON NOTICE [for April 1, 2019] (PDF)
Submitted at the Regular Board meeting held on 2019-03-11
Request that Port of Vancouver Extend the Area of the Crab Park Lease
MOVER: Commissioner Irwin

1. On April 18, 2018, a project permit was approved for the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority’s project to build a series of improvements at the Centerm container terminal;
2. The project will extend the Centerm container terminal considerably to the west, which will greatly impair the view of the ocean and north shore mountains from Crab Park;
3. Crab Park would benefit from the addition of greenspace and a possible site for a proposed arts and cultural centre (which would include First Nations and Urban Indigenous programming); and
4. Access to Crab Park for area residents could be greatly improved by the addition of a walkway from Columbia Street to the park.

A. THAT the Vancouver Park Board immediately write a letter to the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority requesting that the current leased area for the park be extended by adding the four acre parking area directly to the west of the park to the leased area of Crab Park;
B. THAT the Park Board also request that the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority dedicate offsetting funds from the project to be directed to improving Crab Park by funding greenspace enhancements and construction of an arts and cultural centre;
C. THAT the Vancouver Park Board request offsetting funds for funding a new accessible pedestrian overpass from Columbia Street to Crab Park.



  • The approved $320-million westward expansion of VFPA’s Centerm terminal would obscure some of the inlet and mountain views from Crab Park. Dubai-based Dubai Ports World Vancouver obtained the permit from the port authority in April 2018 to expand the terminal 4.2 hectares west and four east.
  • CRAB is an acronym for “Create a Real Beach,” the name chosen by Vancouver activist Don Larson in the 1980s when he campaigned for a Downtown Eastside waterfront park.

Here is a map from CityHallWatch 2016 article.


E-mail the Park Board Commissioners: PBcommissioners@vancouver.ca
More info: http://vancouver.ca/your-government/park-board-meetings-and-decisions.aspx
Requests to speak: http://vancouver.ca/your-government/speak-at-a-meeting.aspx
Watch online: http://civic.neulion.com/vancouverparkboard/
Questions about the agenda: pbmeetings@vancouver.ca or call 604-257-8158.

More about the Commissioners: https://vancouver.ca/your-government/park-board-commissioners.aspx


Dubai Ports World Vancouverhttps://www.dpworld.ca/

About Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, CEO of DP World: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sultan_Ahmed_bin_Sulayem

DP World: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/DP_World

Vancouver Park Board commissioner wants a major expansion of Crab Park
Kenneth Chan, Daily Hive, 28-Mar-2019


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