Broadway Plan open houses: 13 March (Kits House) & 14 March (Kingsgate Mall)

broadway plan study area COV imageThe two remaining open houses at this point are as follows:

Kitsilano Neighbourhood House
2305 W 7th Avenue (at Vine)
March 13, 2019 (3 – 7 pm)

Kingsgate Mall
370 E Broadway (at Kingsway)
Thursday, March 14 (3- 7 pm)

The City of Vancouver is launching a two-year process “to create a comprehensive Broadway area plan,” covering the area between 1st and 16th Avenues, and between Vine Street and Clark Drive. It is intended to be a 30-year plan with a focus on housing, jobs, and amenities around the “future” Broadway Subway.

CityHallWatch hastens to note that by no means is the subway guaranteed. It is a legacy of a decade of Vision Vancouver, when all efforts were made by the developer-and-union funded “regime” to drive all discussions toward the inevitable conclusion that the subway must be built. Valid challenges have been made to the fundamental data used to justify the need for the subway. Many things still need to happen to start construction and get it through to completion.  There never was a significant effort to get an extensive or real gauge of public opinion on whether or not the specific Broadway Subway proposal was supported or not. In fact, one could say that the complete obliteration of Vision from City Council in the October 2018 election was a proxy vote, as the Broadway Subway was one of former Mayor Gregor Robertson’s main pillars.  

But be that as it may, everyone is encouraged to learn what the City is proposing, stay engaged, and provide input. 

More information:

E-mail: or call #311

Hashtag #BroadwayPlan

Broadway Plan project timeline as of March 2019

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