Meet Your City Councillors: GWAC meeting on role of neighbourhood residents’ councils (Mon, 14-Jan-2019, 7pm)

gwac meeting 14-jan-2019Grandview Woodland Area Council is one of the longest surviving neighbourhood association. Their first public meeting of the year may interest many neighbourhood groups, especially as Vancouver enters a city wide planning process.

Public Meeting: Monday, January 14th, start 7 pm
Location: Ice Rink Mezzanine (Britannia Ice Rink), 1661 Parker Street, Vancouver
Topic: Meet New Vancouver City Councillors and discuss the role of neighbourhood residents’ councils

The Grandview Woodland area recently underwent a planning process and GWAC is actively staying on top of things. They recently also inquired with the City about “the pace of change” policy expressed in the Grandview Woodland Community Plan (GWCP), asking how many projects have been built within the parameters stated in the Plan. They also asked how many more are in the planning stages and how many conform to the Plan’s “pace of change” policy. GWAC is expecting answers early in the new year.


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