‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (B.C. version) – Highlights of 2018, the Bob Mackin version on theBreaker.news

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@BobMackin of the @TheBreaker.news prepared some brilliant prose to summarize the highlights of the year 2018, to the rhythm of this beloved Christmas poem. Here is the text, with his permission. It is part of the audio of his informative weekly podcast, which we highly recommend. Support independent reporting!


‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
(B.C. version, 2018)
Bob Mackin

‘Twas the night before Christmas when all through Whalley
Mayor McCallum was picking some holly
He grinned and combed his thinning hair,
in the hopes that a new SkyTrain would soon be there.

“The lights and decorations so spangly,
“Someday I can take this all the way to Langley.”
First I must cancel, the RCMP lease
So we can get a new police.

I’ve got a new ally in Vancouver’s K-Stew
That’s what Millennials call him, true?
Gregor is gone after a decade in power
A new chap in charge, to rubber-stamp more tower

He got national attention protesting a pipe
Found in contempt for expressing his gripe
Won by 957 votes over Ken Sim
For the NPA, it wasn’t all grim

Five female councillors elected
While Vision was soundly rejected
Geoff Meggs is happy, he got out early
To help Horgan appear less surly

ICBC’s a dumpster fire, casinos flush with dirty money
The province’s problems aren’t so funny
It turned out pro rep wasn’t so lit
To a corruption inquiry, Horgan won’t yet commit

While Horgan’s a fan of lacrosse
The BC Liberals picked a new boss
WilKinson, from Quilchena, he’s not blue collar
But a tall, former Rhodes Scholar

A surprise came in December
A famous community member!
The world was intrigued, yes, it was true
Huawei Princess, Meng Wanzhou

Accused of fraud by Uncle Sam
Bailed with conditions, so she won’t scram
China is angry, Xi Jinping outraged
So two Canadians were arrested and caged

The Middle Kingdom, all propaganda and tricks
Duelling with Trump to master geopolitics
Meanwhile, Justin Trudeau and his ways so sunny
His trip to India, and costumes so funny

Andrew Scheer planned to be PM in waiting
Until Maxime Bernier turned up the baiting
Will Jagmeet Singh win the Burnaby South vote
To keep his NDP leadership afloat?

Well that’s it for 2018 my friends
May 2019, the new year, pay dividends
Hope and pray for a better plight
Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night


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