Vancouver Tenants Union to rally to ban renovictions, 12:30 pm Fri (Nov 9), BC Law Courts

From the Vancouver Tenants Union.

November 8, 2018
Tenants organize mock courtroom rally to protest notorious renoviction company.
When: Friday Nov. 9, 12:30-1:30pm
Where: Outside 938 Howe St.
(Vancouver, Coast Salish Territories): Join the Vancouver Tenants Union to launch their campaign for a renoviction ban.

Hear from tenants of Berkeley Tower, Yew St., Burnaby St., Keefer St. and from New Westminster to learn how their landlords have tried to get rid of them so they can change affordable housing into luxury housing. Multi-pronged companies hired to renovict tenants before they are aware of their rights will be exposed.

Hear Vivian Baumann, a fiesty tenant fighting renoviction, speak about her court case happening that same morning (Fri, Nov 9 10am-12:30pm Court of BC Appeal – Courtroom 50) where the landlord lobby is fighting to overturn her right to come back at the same rent.

Hear the motion by COPE City Councillor Jean Swanson to ban renovictions that she will present at City Hall on Tuesday, Nov 13th and tenants call on the provincial government to implement vacancy control in order to protect tenants and save affordable housing.


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