Hot off the presses, “Light Rail Transit – Smart for Vancouver” video challenges Broadway subway

“There is only so much taxpayer money available for transit. Do we use it all up on one street? Or create sustainable transit for all of Vancouver …”

In this video, city planners Adam Fitch and Patrick Condon weigh in on Vancouver’s best options for sustainable transit.

In the lead-up to the 2018 municipal elections on October 20, 2018, there’s been lots of discussion about the future of rapid transit in Vancouver. The Broadway corridor along Broadway Street – reportedly the busiest street in western Canada – is due for a transit upgrade.

A Skytrain extension and subway is one solution but will cost about $10 billion dollars and take at least 10 years. Some mayoral and council candidates have declared their support or opposition for a subway on Broadway to Arbutus, and onward to UBC.

Light Rail Transit (LRT) is a cheaper, quicker and more sustainable option but has yet to be implemented.

See Adam Fitch’s website fore more information:

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