Rezoning in RS (one-family), RT-7, RT-8, RT-10+10N zones: Public Hearing (Wed, Sept 19)

CoV zoning districts from RS-1 poster Sept 2018, Making Room(Update – Late afternoon, Council heard the last speaker on the RS rezoning and voted after resuming at 6:30 pm — it passed with Vision Vancouver + Councillor Bremner voting in favour, and the rest opposed. All of Vision turned up for this vote, as one short could have made a very different outcome. Council voted to postpone RT rezonings for the next council after November 5, after the Oct 20 election.)

Original text continues:

A Public Hearing that started yesterday continues right now at Vancouver City Hall for zoning changes affecting most of Vancouver, including most RS (one-family) zones in most of the City, as well as RT-7 and RT-8 (two-family, in Kitsilano), and  RT-10 and RT-10N (Kensington-Cedar Cottage).

Speakers so far have raised many pros and cons, but the overarching theme seems to be that there is general support for more density, but these proposals have been too rushed, poorly thought out, require more work before being passed, and should not be approved by the current Council, which will be mostly replaced in the civic election on October 20.

As of 2 pm, the speakers on the RS rezoning (Agenda #5) are at about number 50 of 76, and after this item finishes, the hearing will continue on to RT-7/8/10/10N with close to 100 speakers listed. The hearing is likely to continue the next day.

Link to the official Public Hearing agenda and correspondence:

Speakers have a chance to speak when their name comes up if registered, or at the end.

Follow progress on Twitter at @VanCityClerk.


Media coverage before and after the vote:

Vancouver candidates opine on duplex proposal in city’s Making Room strategy
(Jen St. Denis, StarMetro Vancouver, Wed., Sept. 19, 2018) – summarizes positions of each party.

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