Public Hearing 5-Sep-2018 (Wed): Density bonuses, Little Mountain, Cambie Corridor + Grandview Woodland townhouse zoning RM-8A/8AN, Arbutus Corridor plan, Jewish Comm Ctr, Lougheed House

CoV Public Hearing details 5-Sep-2018With several Public Hearing nights in September being cancelled, only two Public Hearings (Sept 5 and 18) remain in September 2018. These will be the last ones under the current Vision Vancouver regime at City Hall. Note that the Sept 18 Public Hearing could be under mysterious new rules to be adopted earlier the same day at a Regular Council meeting. More on that later…

For the record, below are the agenda and brief summaries for Sept 5. Please click on the links for documents. We note that today, just one night before the Public Hearing, virtually no correspondence has been posted.

Public Hearing
Wednesday, September 5, 2018, 6:00 pm
Council Chamber, Third Floor, City Hall

1. TEXT AMENDMENT: 2018 Annual Inflationary Adjustments to Density Bonus Contributions

2. TEXT AMENDMENT: 155 East 37th Avenue (Little Mountain)

3. HERITAGE DESIGNATION: 2040 Columbia Street (Lougheed House)

4. REZONING: Amendments to the Zoning and Development By-law Regarding the RM-8A/8AN Districts for Townhouse Areas in Cambie Corridor and Grandview-Woodland

CHW suggested reading: Grandview Woodland Area Council (GWAC) notice and meeting report (7-May-2018).

5. ODP AMENDMENTS: Amendments to the Arbutus Corridor Official Development Plan and Regional Context Statement Official Development Plan

CHW suggested reading: Loonie deal: City of Vancouver may resell portions of Arbutus corridor for $1 (Carlito Pablo, Georgia Straight, 29-Aug-2018). Note that one comment to the article says “Headline should have been: ‘Disposal of Properties will deny the City the opportunity to join the Greenway all the way to False Creek and the Seawall’. That’s the real story, not the sell back.”

See also: City of Vancouver mulls sale of Arbutus Corridor lands to CP Rail for $1 (Matt Robinson, Vancouver Sun, 4-Sep-2018)

6. REZONING: 950 West 41st Avenue (Jewish Community Centre)

Below is a scan of the official notice in the Vancouver Courier, on August 16.

CoV Public Hearing details 5-Sep-2018

How to Have Your Say

If you want to speak in person register here.

You can also send your written comments to city council. (All personal information, aside from your name and comments, will be redacted by City clerks).

Include your name (anonymous comments aren’t shared with Council).
The deadline to send your comments is 15 minutes after the speaker’s list closes.
If you send your comments during the meeting, use a maximum of 1,500 words.
Comments are posted on the City of Vancouver’s website.
Mail: City Clerk’s Office, City of Vancouver, 453 West 12th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5Y 1V4

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