Heads up: Special Council meeting July 31 to change start time of Sept 18 public hearing

CoV Council meeting schedule as of 30-Jul-2018

With no further explanation for its rationale, a Special Council meeting for July 31 suddenly appeared on the City of Vancouver web page showing the schedule of upcoming meetings. There is just one item on the agenda, to move the start time of the Sept 18 Public Hearing up by 3 hours (from the 6 pm start, up to 3 pm). This is probably the last public hearing before the month long election period leading up to the October 20 election. What business will appear on the agenda?

The agenda for July 31, starting at the unusual time of 5:30 pm, is simply as follows:

1. Public Hearing Start Time – September 18, 2018
The purpose of this meeting is to obtain Council approval of the following:
THAT Council adjust the start time of the Public Hearing meeting to be held, Tuesday, September 18, 2018, from 6 pm to 3 pm.

CityHallWatch brings attention to the highly irregular and aggressive Public Hearing schedule from June to September, with four nights in June, six in July, one in August, and five in September. Recently the actual full documentation for a public hearing made public just a matter of days before the public hearing, and we also have witnessed last-minute staff reports known as “yellow memos” going to Council with new information (and responses to Council questions), as well as motions being proposed by the ruling regime shortly before the end of the public hearing, and then quickly voted through. Watch out for the “shock doctrine” effect in Vancouver civic affairs.

Vision Vancouver is trying to tidy up many loose ends in the final days of this four-year cycle, which is also the end of ten years with absolute control of City Council. Be prepared for surprises.

• Requests to speak must be received prior to 9:30 am on the day of the meeting.
• Speak to Council about an agenda item at http://vancouver.ca/speak-to-council.
• Send your comments to Council at http://vancouver.ca/contact-council.
• Get live updates on the meeting at http:vancouver.ca/speaker-wait-times.
• Watch the meeting live at http:vancouver.ca/council-video (available on demand one day later).
• Ask a question about this agenda: email speaker.request@vancouver.ca or call 604.829.4272.

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