SaveOurSkylineYVR petition against PavCo towers piercing downtown ‘view cones’: Crucial Council decision July 24, 2018

Saveourskyline viewcone image June-2018Vancouver’s cherished mountain views are at risk. A crucial City Council decision is slated for July 24, 2018 (Unfinished business” Item 1. REZONING: 777 Pacific Boulevard – Sub-area 10C (1 Robson Street))

If you are concerned, please consider signing this online petition.

Excerpt: On Tuesday, July 24th, the City of Vancouver’s city council is set to vote on approving crown corporation BC Pavilion Corporation’s (PavCo) 400ft tower that will block public views of the North Shore mountains. This rezoning application is the first of three towers in the Northeast False Creek (NEFC) neighbourhood plan that will disrupt Vancouver’s public views that have been protected by the City’s view cone policy since 1989. Vancouver’s public views with the iconic mountain backdrop are free irreplaceable public assets and amenities that all Vancouverites can enjoy.

PavCo’s proposal is a 400ft tower that will cover up the mountain backdrop and penetrate the Cambie and 10th Avenue view cone near City Hall, one of the most important view cones in Vancouver. The City claims that this is one of three tall towers will frame the new Georgia gateway into Downtown, but urban planning experts have condemned this reasoning as we must protect our public views. PavCo is a crown corporation of BC under the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture. 

If city council votes to let PavCo’s tower through, this will set precedence for other real estate developers to pressure the City to allow them to penetrate the view cones too. This will be the end of Vancouver’s unique mountain skyline as we know it. We cannot let city council and crown corporation Pavco privatize our free public views.

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Article in The Province.

Voices increasing against PavCo towers piercing downtown ‘view cones’

By Jo-Anne Lee Young, 21-July-2018

The volume and number of voices are increasing against Vancouver city council voting next week to allow a tall tower to be built downtown because it would pierce through “cones” that have long-protected views of the city’s spectacular mountains.

Excerpt: More than 1,000 names, including former city planning director Larry Beasley and past city councillor Marguerite Ford, have been collected on a petition being circulated by a group called SaveOurSkylineYVR.

More than 160 letters have been filed with the city in opposition (compared to nine in support), including one from the Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods, which represents 27 community residents’ associations.

On Tuesday city council is set to give the go-ahead to a proposal from PavCo for a 400-foot tower at 777 Pacific Boulevard that would be the first of three mixed-use, but mostly residential condo buildings that would exceed the view cone limit.

These would sit in the Northeast False Creek area. There are other proposals in the pipeline for two more tall condo towers from Concord Pacific that would also apply to break the view cone.

“The view cones were established in 1989 to preserve views of mountains, and possibly the ocean, but mostly the mountains which are unique,” said Larry Benge, co-chair of the Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods.

“That is Vancouver. I was at Kits Beach with a friend and we said, ‘isn’t this amazing’ and it is because of the physical beauty. We would be losing something.”

If the proposal gets a green light, it will be first time the view cones are compromised since they were established in 1989.

See article for more background on view cones.


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