Grandview Woodland meeting to look at 4-storey area-wide rezoning (City’s proposed upzoning of arterials & side streets): GWAC 7-May-2018 (Mon)

zones Grandview Woodland combined small_orig 2018-05The Grandview Woodland neighbourhood is the target of many changes being proposed by the City of Vancouver. At its next monthly meeting, the Grandview Woodland Area Council is having a look at what’s up next. The info below is copied from their website. Please visit their post for more details.


Find out more about the City of Vancouver’s proposed upzoning of a number of arterial streets and adjacent side streets in the Grandview planning area.

Date: Monday, May 7th, 7pm – 9pm
Location: Learning Resource Centre, (LRC),
 Under the Britannia Library, 1661 Napier Street

The proposed zoning changes to create new 4-storey zones may go to Public Hearing at Vancouver City Council later in the spring or during the summer.

A presentation and analysis of the City’s proposed new 4-storey zones will be followed by open discussion, questions and answers. Additional guests will include Elizabeth Murphy and a former City of Vancouver planner. Joseph and Jeanette Jones will speak about the experience in the Norquay area in East Vancouver (around Kingsway and Nanaimo) following the City’s upzoning and creation of new zones in 2013 and 2016 in that neighbourhood (further documented on the Eye on Norquay blog).

The City of Vancouver’s materials from the March 14th and 17th Open Houses can be found online at The area-wide zoning changes would allow for townhouses/rowhouses, 4-storey apartments and 4-storey mixed residential/commercial on parcels of land that are currently zoned for duplex and multiple family dwellings. Certain zones would encourage lot assembly by allowing for additional increases in density. The information panels from the City’s last Open House and the proposed changes are listed in the following links:



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