Granville Island 2040 Transportation Strategy – Public input: Deadline Sunday, April 8, 2018

CHMC-Granville Island, 2040 transportation strategy report, spring 2018Lots of people REALLY love Granville Island.

Help shape the future of transportation on Granville Island by taking this survey. Deadline April 8th 2018.

The Granville Island Transportation Strategy is being developed by CMHC–Granville Island to advance the strategy to “Improve Access” to Granville Island, one of the four pillars of Granville Island 2040: Bridging Past & Future, a long-range vision document released in May 2017.

The Strategy will present a range of policies that will work in a coordinated fashion to improve access to Granville Island. It establishes key targets, and will require ongoing monitoring that will facilitate data-driven decision making over the lifespan of the Transportation Strategy.

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Read the Draft Transportation Strategy – Download (22 MB)

Give your feedback. Take the survey!

The report is easy to read, has lots of graphics and well-organized tables. Lots of interesting information for people who visit the island, and had some joys or pains getting around, but maybe never thought systematically about all the transportation factors. 


Actions proposed in the report:
1.1 Conduct a Granville Island Entrance Placemaking project aimed at making Anderson and Cartwright Streets safe, comfortable and beautiful public spaces and “complete streets” that encourage walking and cycling
1.2 Improve wayfinding to Granville Island from key neighbourhood locations
1.3 Conduct an assessment of walking conditions at Granville Island and implement recommended improvements
1.4 Explore the feasibility of constructing an Alder Bay Bridge
1.5 Continue seven-day-a-week bike valet program for the summer months
1.6 As part of the Granville Island Entrance Placemaking project, consider how Anderson and Cartwright Streets can better accommodate cycling
1.7 Consider expanding end-of-trip cycling facilities for Granville Island employees
1.8 Explore opportunities to provide bicycle and maintenance facility
1.9 Continue to work with Mobi towards establishing a permanent bike share station on Granville Island
1.10 Support the City of Vancouver in its exploration of the feasibility of providing streetcar service adjacent to Granville Island
1.11 Investigate the feasibility of providing a shuttle between Granville Island and key off-Island locations, such as the Olympic Village Skytrain station and the Broadway-Granville Street transit hub
1.12 Support ferry operators and TransLink to integrate Compass Cards as a ferry payment option
1.13 Assess the current use of Granville Island’s public moorage space and explore opportunities to optimize its use and help increase public access to Granville Island by water
1.14 Develop a tour bus policy that will limit the negative impact of tour buses on Granville Island operations and visitor experience
1.15 Evaluate the existing approach to commercial deliveries for the Public Market and Island businesses
1.16 Evaluate the existing number and location of loading zones and consider creating additional zones and delivery times
1.17 Develop a Parking Management Strategy that will include the metering of all parking stalls on the Island with the aim of achieving a parking stall usage
rate of 85% capacity
1.18 Develop an Employee Parking program that will help reduce the usage of on-Island parking by people that work at Granville Island
1.19 Collect and analyze on-Island car share usage data, and use this information to maintain appropriate levels of parking for car share
1.20 Monitor the usage of Granville Island’s electric car charging stations and assess the feasibility and pricing models to meet growing demand for this infrastructure
1.21 Explore the feasibility of a shared Public Market business home delivery service, either in partnership with merchants, or in a supporting role to a third party service provider


CityHallWatch has received some personal comments from folks concerned about transit and rail. Here are excerpts below, as thought starters.

Tracks are being removed already in April 2018, even while the consultation is going on. Wouldn’t it make more sense to hold off on planned removal of heritage rails, until after the public consultation to address and weigh the full range of competing issues.

Page 7 Stats show that car use is on the decline, as opposed to “Transit, walking and cycling”. With better streetcar service (“Transit”), annual spending would likely be far greater than walking.

Page 12
Public Transit
Current access by Transit is definitely “inconvenient” for anyone with mobility difficulties.

False Creek Streetcar
Action – 1.10 This action statement is to be applauded and supported.
The Olympic Line should be on “the front burner” in Vancouver’s transportation plans. That line should run onto the Island and have a loop around the Island.
So as to provide the Island’s patrons with full service on the Island, the streetcar should do a second loop before exiting the Island; this will give patrons an opportunity to ride from either end of the Island to the other.  Strongly support!

Shuttle Bus
A shuttle bus is not considered to be “convenient” by some people. Particularly, some people (e.g., elderly),  stairs – and walking – are difficult. Climbing into and out of ferries can be a challenge.

Page 15 Parking should be severely limited on the Island, leaving that to areas off the Island but which are served by a very frequent Olympic line street car.

Page 16 There should be no encouragement of vehicles as a mode for getting to the Island and, certainly, no encouragement of same by providing electric charging stations. (Apologies to dear friends who use such vehicles.)

Page 21
Items 10 and 11:
Item 10 should be the top priority and, in view of that, Item 11 should be dropped.
Items 1, 15 and 16
A visit to the Island should be part of a “streetcar experience”. Buses should not be allowed on the Island.

Commercial deliveries could well be handled by a “CargoTram” …
Ganzzug CarGoTram


Interesting excerpt of report.

False Creek Streetcar
The City of Vancouver owns a rail right-of-way that runs
adjacent to Granville Island. During the 2010 Winter
Olympics, the City of Vancouver provided streetcar service
along this corridor between the Olympic Village Canada
Line station and Granville Island. For the short time that the
streetcar was running, this service was very popular, and
retains its appeal as a potential future transit service for
visitors to Granville Island. The City of Vancouver is exploring
the feasibility of providing streetcar service along this
corridor, as part of a long-term vision of streetcar service that
would travel along the Arbutus Greenway, through False Creek
and downtown, with a terminus at Stanley Park. As part of this
concept, Granville Island would be served by a station at or
near the existing streetcar platform at Anderson Street and
West 2nd Avenue.


1.10 Support the City of Vancouver in its exploration of
the feasibility of providing streetcar service adjacent to
Granville Island

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