Groups claim victory as Park Board defers proposed Kits Beach Bike Lane decision to ‘well after’ Oct 2018 civic election

CoV Park Board Kits Beach Park Bike Path - options discussed, 12-Mar-2018

Dotted orange lines indicate proposed bike paths. Park Board decision deferred until after the Oct 2018 civic election.

The following is a joint news release received from the Kitsilano Beach Coalition, Concerned Residents/WakeUpVancouver, and Kits Point Residents Association (KPRA).

Concerned Residents Hold Rally to Protest outside Vancouver Park Board Offices:

Vancouver, B.C., March 13th, 2018 – Residents from across Vancouver came together yesterday at a rally outside The Vancouver Park Board to protest proposed Bike Path in Kits Beach Park. 

Outside the Vancouver Park Board, concerned residents spoke out on the importance of safety, park encroachment, tree removal, financial waste, a very busy children’s playground and fair usage for all. 

Our city has more urgent priorities than wasting endless amounts of time, energy and money on an issue that was shut down by a court injunction four years ago.

Inside, a monumental ‘Win’ for Wake Up Vancouver & Concerned Citizens Coalition with this evening’s Park Board decision to defer the Kits Beach Bike Lane proposal until well after next fall’s civic election.  The majority of Vancouver Park Board Commissioners took a strong public stance in protecting Kits Beach Park in the agreement to delay any related bike lane decisions until well after this fall’s civic elections and to not ‘bend’ to notorious Vision-led City Council and HUB lobbying pressures to expedite this report and or allow bike lanes through Kits Beach Park.

 Concerned Community Groups in attendance included: The Kitsilano Beach Coalition, Kits Points Residents Association (KPRA), Kits Beach Volleyball Association (KVBA), Kits Beach Tennis Club (KBTC), Kits Beach Basketball Alumni Association (KBBAA), The Kits Beach Boathouse Restaurant and Wake Up Vancouver.

Concerned Kitsilano and Vancouver residents also expressed concerns such as park encroachment, the removal of trees, safety, and asphalt in the park…as well as the $2 million that has already been spent on the York Avenue bike lane and the $6.4 million Point Grey Road sidewalk and bike path and the West10th Avenue medical corridor bike lane. The Park Board and city officials should focus on community centers and playgrounds, and much less time, focus and money on bike paths.

Kitsilano Beach Coalition, Concerned Residents/WakeUpVancouver, and Kits Point Residents Association (KPRA)

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