Statistics on construction activity (Vancouver) plus building permits, housing starts & sales (B.C.)

CoV issued building permits 2008-2016

As a handy reference and resource, here are links to the following as of 8-March-2018:

  • statistics on construction activity (City of Vancouver)
  • building permits, housing starts & sales (Province of British Columbia)

CITY OF VANCOUVER: Statistics on construction activity

The City publishes statistics on building permits and combined development-building permits issued. We track monthly totals, tear-to-date totals, comparative information for the previous year. The data is broken down by category of property involved. Within each category, the data is further broken down into new construction, additions, and alterations and repairs. [Monthly list at bottom.]


PROVINCE OF BRITISH COLUMBIA: Building Permits, Housing Starts & Sales

Building Permits

Note: latest data will be on the right when opened in Excel

Housing Starts and House Sales

Major Projects Inventory

Find summary information on major projects in B.C. that are over $15 million (Cdn.) capital cost, or $20 million in the Lower Mainland–Vancouver

Data Tables Available on CANSIM



City of Vancouver list






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