GWAC meeting tonight: What a community can do when a proposed project raises local concern

GWAC homes image Grandview Feb 2018The Grandview Woodland Area Council (GWAC) regular monthly meeting (tonight) will look at what a community and its residents can do when a proposed project raises local concern.

In social media and even in public hearings, the discussion sometimes gets oversimplified as YIMBY vs NIMBY arguments, but how can a respectful dialogue occur and people listen to others’ concerns? Should neighbourhood character, access to light and views be “thrown out the window” to provide more housing? What are the trade-offs, processes, issues, compromises, and solutions? How can they be communicated? This meeting looks at a specific case of a  six-storey building being proposed on Grant Street beside 1.5 and two-storey houses. GWAC is a neighbourhood association with one of the longest histories in Vancouver.

GWAC Meeting
Monday, 5-Feb-2018 starting at 7 pm
Learning Resource Centre, beneath Britannia Library, 1661 Napier St, Vancouver, BC V5L 4X4

“What to do When a Proposed Project Raises Local Concern?”

In a neighbourhood of 1 1/2 to 2 storey houses, a group of neighbours find themselves being presented with a proposed 6 storey building immediately adjacent, as their newest neighbour, which has raised grave concerns.

The primary reservation(s) generally fall into the category of ‘lack of fit’. There is no dispute that increased density in the Grandview Woodland community is necessary and inevitable (as with all downtown adjacent neighbourhoods) and could in fact add to the quality of our community, it is believed this goal can be achieved without sacrificing the very qualities which define Grandview Woodland.

Come to hear the analysis and review conducted by local residents and their comprehensive and thoughtful submissions to City Planners.

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