10-year trajectory of real estate industry (and politician) narrative in just 49 words by @judyrudin

In a popular tweet of just 49 words, @judyrudin has captured the trajectory of the narrative of the real estate industry (and the politicians they have funded in the past municipal and provincial elections) over the past ten years or more.  With the ban on corporate and union donations for the 2018 civic elections (if no loopholes appear) how will their narrative evolve next?

The trajectory of the developers #vanre narrative, thus far:
*There are no offshore buyers
*A few offshore buyers
*You racists!
*OK, 5 % offshore buyers
*OK, 15 or 20% in a few ‘pockets’
*we have to sell offshore or we lose money!
*empty condos: a boon to YVR’s economy!

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