Heads up: Motion “Retaining Older Purpose Built Rental Accommodation” goes to Council Tues Nov 28 (by Clr Adriane Carr)

Affordable housing advocates will love this one. A motion entitled “Retaining Older Purpose Built Rental Accommodation” has been proposed by Councillor Adrian Carr and goes to Regular City Council on Tuesday, November 28, 2017.

If you support the the motion, you can write comments to Council or sign up to speak. As long as someone signs up, prior to the Tuesday meeting, speakers will be able to address City Council at the committee meeting on Wednesday, November 29.

The  Housing Vancouver Strategy (2018 – 2027) and 3-Year Action Plan (2018 – 2020) goes to Council the same day (Nov 28), with speakers also the next day (Nov 29). But Councillor Carr appears to have identified a gap the deserves specific attention.

Agenda: http://council.vancouver.ca/20171128/regu20171128ag.htm

Please visit that link for instructions on how to speak or write (online form) to Council. Or for a list of Councillors’ direct e-mails, click here.

Text of motion:

Retaining Older Purpose Built Rental Accommodation
MOVER: Councillor Carr
1. The housing affordability crisis continues to escalate in Vancouver, especially
for the 51 percent of Vancouverites who rent, about half of whom spend more
than 30 percent of their income on rent;
2. Much of the most affordable rental accommodation in Vancouver exists in older
purpose-built rental buildings which are vulnerable to redevelopment and
replacement with rental housing that is far more expensive;
3. The Housing Vancouver strategy aims to protect and refresh the existing 90,000
units of affordable rental stock, despite some local area plans’ goals to
“replace aging stock”.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT staff report back on a specific purpose-built rental accommodation strategy within the overall Housing Vancouver Strategy that outlines ways to assess building condition, retrofit, increase retention and ensure affordability, especially for current tenants of, older purpose built rental buildings.

2 thoughts on “Heads up: Motion “Retaining Older Purpose Built Rental Accommodation” goes to Council Tues Nov 28 (by Clr Adriane Carr)

  1. I support this motion. I live in the type of housing (older three storey walk-up) that the motion aims to save. If my building is demolished, I will end up on the street, no matter what replaces it. I’m worried that developers and city planners may have their sights set on Mt Pleasant as an area for redevelopment – potentially thousands of renters would be at risk. Please vote for Ms Carr’s motion and help so many residents of Vancouver feel more secure.

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