City of Vancouver development applications snapshot, 1-Nov-2017

A tech-savvy citizen is voluntarily producing two handy online maps (click bottom right to switch between rezoning and development applications):

As a free public service CityHallWatch takes a monthly snapshot of the Development Applications listed on the City of Vancouver website.

Our count for 1-Nov-2017 shows 34 “DE” applications and 95 “DP” applications (excluding 5 MMRU – Medical Marijuana-Related Use Development Applications). That 95 is way down from 178 in October. Of the DE & DP numbers, 16 are “concurrent with rezoning.” The “Centerm Port Expansion Project” is still listed without a number. Four applications are “revised,” one is “on hold,” and 0 are “unscheduled from the Development Permit Board.” Some may have also had a change of address.

Anyone interested in these projects is also encouraged to periodically check the Urban Design Panel (UDP) and Development Permit Board (DPB) schedules, as many projects appear before them as part of the approval pipeline. Check often, as sometimes their agendas appear publicly online as little as one hour before the meeting.

Upcoming UDP meetings are November 1 (for 33 storeys at 1065 Hardwood Street & 1332 Thurlow Street (West End), 32 storeys at 1066-1078 Harwood Street (West End), 10 storeys at 129 Keefer Street (Chinatown), and Heather Street Lands Workshop (4949 Heather Street, 5255 Heather Street & 657 37th Avenue) and November 15, November 29, and December 13.

Upcoming DPB dates are November 14 and 27, and December 11. Download the official DPB list (as of Nov 1, the version online is still dated 14-Sept-2017:

Consider writing Mayor and Council asking them to make Development Applications archives available online. The City website provides a list of archived Rezoning Applications (here) going back to 2011, so why not full information on past Development Applications too?

For current (at time of viewing) full list of applications online, click:
For our PDF version saved November 1, 2017:

For reference, we’ve reproduced the full list of development applications as of today:
CoV Development applications snapshot 1-Nov-2017

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