Reminder: Vancouver Civic By-Election voting Oct 10 (Tue) & Oct 14 (Sat)

Voting place sign 2014It is time for a change at City Hall: One seat is up for grabs on City Council and nine seats for Vancouver School Board.

Please spread word and encourage people around you to vote.

Three parties currently have seats on City Council. Vision Vancouver and the NPA are heavily dependent on industry donations. Of the three parties, only the Vancouver Green Party rejects corporate and union donations (candidate Pete Fry). 

Justason Research did a scientific poll, with results dated August 31, showing Pete Fry and the Greens having the potential to win the council seat.

The Georgia Straight currently has a poll for the by-election. It is is not in the least bit scientific, as anyone in the world can vote on the poll. But it might influence the “Straight Slate” recommendations for voters. It appears to still be open for voting as of October 9 — if you haven’t voted yet.

By-election official information:

Advance voting days: October 4 & 10, 2017 at City Hall 8 am to 8 pm – 453 West 12TH AVE
General voting day: October 14, 2017 at locations shown on the Voter Guide
Read the 2017 by-election voter guide:

Who is running:

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