Point Grey – Seaside Greenway is now complete: City event Sept 9 (Sat) noon to 3 pm

COV photo point-grey-cornwall-protected-bike-lane-landing

File photo from City of Vancouver

This project has faced some stiff opposition and criticism in terms of cost, disruptions, and questioning of the priorities of the City. Combined with the re-routing of several access streets in this area, a large chunk of Kitsilano has been virtually converted into a gated community. There have been some big winners, including property owners and cyclists, but on balance, what are the costs and benefits to Vancouver taxpayers as a whole? Can the numbers on traffic be independently verified? Updated: We asked the City for the final project cost and the answer was this: “combined sewer separation – $5.0 million, water, street and landscaping improvements – $5.8m. These totals do not yet include the cost of boulevard trees and grass to be planted this fall when the weather is cooler.” 

Below is an announcement sent out earlier this week by the City to e-mail subscribers. Note that coinciding with this City event is a same-time protest essentially at the same place by “Wake Up Vancouver” (https://cityhallwatch.wordpress.com/2017/09/07/wake-up-vancouver-rally-sep-9/). This group says the project cost came in at $15 million.
Construction for the Point Grey – Seaside Greenway is now complete! The City thanks you for your patience and understanding as the water, sewer, and street upgrades were underway.

Join us at Volunteer Park on Saturday, September 9 to celebrate the completed improvements with some Rain or Shine ice cream, fun family-friendly activities, and a bike tune-up station. Bring a water bottle and a blanket to enjoy the waterfront view, hang out, and enjoy a small section of Vancouver’s Seaside Greenway which now provides 28 km of smooth walking and cycling for people of all ages and abilities.

When: Saturday, September 9
Where: Volunteer Park, Point Grey Rd.
Time: 12 pm – 3 pm, drop by anytime

Since completing Phase 1 of the Seaside Greenway project in 2016, the number of people:

  • Walking on Point Grey Road has increased from 600 per day to 900 (weekday)
  • Cycling on the route has increased from 600 per day to 2,700 (weekday)

With the Seaside Greenway now complete from the Vancouver Convention Centre to Spanish Banks Park, we look forward to seeing more residents and visitors use the route to walk, bike, and roll.


Notable improvements from MacDonald to Alma Street include:

  • Separated sanitary and storm sewers to reduce flooding risk and increase system capacity
  • Improved conditions and connections for people walking and cycling along Point Grey Road
  • Widened north sidewalks and boulevards to provide improved sight lines between people walking and driving
  • Raised crosswalks at key intersections to improve accessibility
  • Expanded green space and enhancements to the public realm

​New trees and grass within the boulevards and new green spaces will be planted in the fall when the weather is cooler. This will ensure that they have a better chance of thriving.


We encourage everyone to use the completed greenway and explore something new. A friendly reminder to avoid driving or parking on the sidewalks except on designated driveway letdowns.


City website links

Seaside Greenway Completion and York Bikeway: http://vancouver.ca/streets-transportation/point-grey-cornwall.aspx

The Seawall in Vancouver: http://vancouver.ca/parks-recreation-culture/seawall.aspx

Kitsilano: http://vancouver.ca/news-calendar/kitsilano.aspx

One thought on “Point Grey – Seaside Greenway is now complete: City event Sept 9 (Sat) noon to 3 pm

  1. The claims by the City of Vancouver’s Transportation engineers above state “improvements” but provide no evidence to support these claims. Indeed, independent Road Safety engineers have studied the changes to the roadway and sidewalks, declaring them “less safe” than prior to the City’s “improvements,” and residents will tell you that it is much more difficult to enter and exit narrowed driveway openings while now having to negotiate not only pedestrians and skate boarders on the widened sidewalk but also cyclists. Yes, the cyclists are not remaining on the bike route created for them on the road; they have also taken to riding on the extra-wide promenade rather than the narrowed roadway that is congested with cyclists, runners, cars and maintenance vehicles. By the City’s own admission (Lon LaClaire refers to Point Grey Road as an inland “seawall”), the designated local residential road is now intended by the City to be a “park,” which it is not, and a seawall, which it is not. It is a neighbourhood road with homes on both sides of the street, and 80 driveways on the North side with full South side parking for residents. The high-volume commuter car speedway has been transformed into a high-volume multi-mode freeway with all rules of the road thrown out the window, as there is no enforcement. Safety Warning: visit at your own risk.

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