What are the implications of a Vision Vancouver presence in new provincial government staff list?

city-councillor-meggs-geoff image COV

Former city councillor Geoff Meggs has become Chief of Staff for Premier Horgan, triggering a million-dollar by-election in Vancouver

Rob Shaw reported today in the Vancouver Sun that Vision Vancouver influences are heavily represented within the newly formed provincial government. What are the implications? These people come with pre-existing networks, connections, dependencies, and ideologies. We have seen what that has meant for Vancouver. Will they be conduits for influence into provincial policy and for information outbound?

Premier John Horgan and NDP name more staff for new B.C. government
(Vancouver Sun), July 19, 2017

  • Excerpts (go to original article for the full text):
    Premier John Horgan’s government has rounded out the top ranks of its new administration with a flurry of cabinet orders signed by the new premier.
  • Mira Oreck was named director of stakeholder relations, with a salary of $120,000. She’s a former federal NDP candidate with deep roots in Vancouver politics, having worked on Gregor Robertson’s provincial and mayoral election campaigns.
  • She’ll work closely with Horgan’s chief of staff, Geoff Meggs, who is a former Vancouver city councillor and close ally of Robertson’s (whose salary was set at $195,000 annually).
  • The Vancouver connections continue in government. Stepan Vdovine, the executive director of Vision Vancouver, was also hired as a ministerial assistant in the new tourism ministry with a $94,500 salary. Vdovine and Oreck are partners
  • Sarah Zaharia, who worked in the City of Vancouver communications division but took a leave to help the NDP election campaign, is now executive director of ministry support in the new government.


The article also mentions Layne Clark, Matt Hannah, Stephen Howard, Sage Aaron, Jen Holmwood, Sheena McConnell, Liam Iliffe, Kate Van Meer Mass, Donna Sanford, Bob Dewar, Marie Della Mattia, Rob Gibbs, Mike Lowe, and Eric Kristiansen.

It is interesting to note the many couples and family connections among the staff.

2 thoughts on “What are the implications of a Vision Vancouver presence in new provincial government staff list?

  1. I feel sorry for this minority government having this guy as chief of staff all he was good for at City Hall building dislike bike lanes

  2. One of the items the City has pushed for in the past is the ability to have ICBC collect for parking tickets. They hired Geoff Plant the old AG to lobby the BC Liberals for this. It didn’t work out and the Liberals never wanted to use ICBC to collect for Vancouver the same way it does for Translink, but with Meggs having the ear of the new Primier… We’ll see if they revive this plan.

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