City Council to hear “Regional Transportation Update” (2-May-2017, Tues): Broadway “transit,” land use planning, cycling spot

City Council is going to hear a regional transportation update in the regular City Council meeting this coming Tuesday. As of today (April 29) the  documents have not been published. In a case like this the presentation and related documents go online shortly after the actual presentation.

Transportation has a huge impact on livability in the region, and it is also very closely related to housing affordability. The current paradigm is to dramatically increase density along transit corridors. As we can see in the case of the Cambie Corridor and around Metrotown, for example, transit brings huge increases in land values, which attracts speculators, and results in dramatic changes.

Below are the items on the agenda as currently shown.

Regular Council Tuesday May 2, 2017

1. Transportation Update

a. Regional Transportation Update

Kevin Desmond, CEO, TransLink, Mike Buda, Executive Director, Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation, and Geoff Cross, Vice President, Transportation Planning and Policy, TransLink, to present on this matter.

b. Broadway Transit and Land Use Planning

Jerry Dobrovolny, General Manager of Engineering Services, and Gil Kelley, General Manager of Planning, Urban Design and Sustainability, to present on this matter.

c. Cycling Spot Improvements Update

Jerry Dobrovolny, General Manager of Engineering Services, and Lon LaClaire, Director of Transportation, to present on this matter.


FLASHBACK – Letter to Premier Clark on BC provincial transit & housing policies (Coalition of Vancouver Neighbourhoods) (September 26, 2016)

For the price of this…


We can have this…cvn-coalition-vancouver-neighbourhoods-we-can-have-this-transit

CAPTION: Equivalent electric streetcar network deliverable for same cost of proposed Broadway Corridor subway (Condon, et al, 2008, The case for the tram; learning from Portland, Sustainability by Design – An examination of alternatives to an underground extension of the Millennium Line to UBC, Foundational Research Bulletin, No. 6.)

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